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Unfinished King Lear Free Essays

Great Morning Class. Today I will discuss Shakespeare’s play â€Å"King Lear†, and how it effectively identifies with the advanced world, family connections and the forcefulness of affection, and in particular the subjects of frenzy and visual deficiency to strengthen the ideas of appearance and reality. The play King Lear looks at the idea of appearance and reality. We will compose a custom article test on Incomplete King Lear or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now The issues of frenzy and visual impairment become ground-breaking images fortifying this focal idea. The two widespread subjects, franticness and visual deficiency identify with our cutting edge life in light of the fact that in our regular day to day existence we experience this focal difficulty and King Lear instructs us to look past shallow components. For instance; all through the entire whole play, King Lear was blinded by reality as consequence of his silliness in which he dismisses truth, because of his narrow minded vanity-He addresses Cordelia: ‘Nothing will happen to nothing’ and ‘Mend your discourse a bit. In case it might damage your fortunes’, this recommends in the event that one doesn't talk, at that point one won't equally get anything. Rather he exiles Cordelia and acknowledges the lies from his two senior little girls and the Gloucester family that cause the Kingdom and King Lear to lose all its valuable qualities and ethics. Frenzy was one of the most predominant subjects in King Lear in light of the fact that all through the play King Lear goes distraught in view of the double-crossing from his little girls, his misfortune and how he destroyed his destiny. For instance, when King Lear was told by the nitwit that his pride lead to a destroyed realm, Lear was angry and crushed, he became confounded and lost all his valuable qualities and ethics, this before long left to his destruction. As appeared in Act 1 Scene 5 the simpleton reveals to Lear that his creation awful choices and that tuning in to Regan won't be any better than the circumstance with Goneril. Lear is oblivious and still overlooks the shrewd fools’ assessment and indeed Lear is deluded and gets distraught. Be that as it may, when Lear goes frantic he loses his insight yet reality becomes more clear to him, incidentally, Lear is as far as anyone knows the savvier individual in this play as he is a ruler with force and obligation. By and by, the idiot which is accepted to be puerile and adolescent is the person who offers knowledge and concocts the significant counsel. It was Lear’s determination which didn’t let in the exhortation since he just needed to hear what sounded lovely. Shakespeare’s work intensely accentuates the significance of chronicled settings in his pieces, specifically the play King Lear where delicacy and innovativeness assumed a significant job in portraying King Lear and the unprecedented utilization of topics and language that permitted the play to be fruitful. Moreover, this play has additionally unmistakably adjusted to the cutting edge world since it relates its crowd to investigate their own spirits and consider what it’s like to be an individual, regardless of whether it is anything but difficult to see through untruths or be tricked by them. This is likewise applicable to each individual in inevitably and culture on the grounds that as people we just acknowledge and take in what we need to hear. Also, Shakespeare utilizes the idea of â€Å"Blindness and Madness† as a focal subject and identifies with the cutting edge world since it gives us an individual understanding into the idea of life, which is the pith of being a person. Ruler Lear gets distraught and battles to keep up mental soundness as he is tormented by the agony suffered during his life and the obligations held as King and as he addresses his daughters’ selling out of trust that proposes in human life, franticness is a characteristic event when one needs importance in life-‘Ingratitude thou marble-hearted devil, More repulsive, when thou show’st thee in a youngster than the ocean monster†. This is one of the numerous models where Lear is communicating his anger towards himself and his silliness for accepting the untruths; he censures himself for demolishing his given intensity of being a lord. Another model where Lear is indicating the enduring of how defenseless and his shock of having an unfaithful little girl is the point at which he cites: â€Å"How more honed than a serpent’s tooth it is, to have a difficult child†. Appearance and Reality was an essential component in Shakespeare’s play as it is continually utilized all through the entire play, regardless of whether it was family or companions. Appearance and Reality is obvious in Act 1 Scene 1 when Cordelia doesn’t express bogus words since she doesn’t discover it in her heart to lie just to overwhelm a realm, notwithstanding, from King Lear’s viewpoint she appears to be impolite, unfaithful and false. When King Lear ousts Cordelia, the realm starts to sincerely self-destruct and King Lear loses every one of his qualities and ethics. For example, King Lear accepts the falsehoods that Goneril and Regan tell since he is vain and appreciates sycophancy, yet as Cordelia will not talk about untruths and come clean Lear gets aggravated and ousts her from the château as cited ‘I am troubled that I am, I can't hear my hurl my heart into my mouth; I love your loftiness as per my bond, no more nor less’ accentuating the thought she needs to thus the expressions of King Lear as his little girl. Another case of appearance and the truth was the affection triangle between Edmond, Goneril and Regan. The two fiendishness sisters were both ttracted to Edmund on account of the common clash between their two families; Edmund’s insidiousness made both sister’s sell out one another and at long last all that they were battling about merited nothing in light of the fact that the result for both sister’s was demise. In Shakespeare’s play King Lear, forcefulness of adoration was a noteworthy and engaging topic as the three little girls are compelled to present their affection for Lear. Nonetheless, King Lear is searching for a progressively over overstated and invented depiction of how steadfast and loyal Cordelia can be. Cordelia forgoes herself doing so in light of the fact that she isn’t egotistical and is straightforward. In the initial scene Act 1 Scene 1, in the lines â€Å"Then poor Cordelia, And yet not really, since I am certain my love’s more unwieldy than my tongue† Family connections additionally assumed a basic job since it demonstrated selling out, underhandedness and Lear’s stupidity in dismissing Cordelia’s genuine romance. Be that as it may, Cordelia still stayed faithful towards Lear in spite of all his savagery towards her In Conclusion, King Lear has effectively related itself to the cutting edge world by joining the idea of appearance and reality, family connections, forcefulness of affection and visual impairment and frenzy. Step by step instructions to refer to Unfinished King Lear, Papers

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Free Case Study Sample about Banner Health Organization

Banner Health Network Introduction Banner Health is a famous non-profit health care network headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The institution is well-known for its effective work and timely delivery of all health-related services required to the clients living in the Western states. The organizations mission is to ensure provision of excellent care, improve health, and assist individuals in the critical medical situations. Clinical resources and technological progress help the institution to adapt to the ever-changing environment in a proper manner. Moreover, the non-profit has a great opportunity to build a strong healthcare system and provide quality care to every customer. The main aim of the paper is to examine the readiness of Banner Health Network to address the healthcare needs of Americans and deeply explore such issues as patient satisfaction, resource management, nurse staffing, and network growth.

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The Criminal Justice System An Instrument Of Social Control

INTRODUCTION Criminal Justice in general terms refers to the agencies of government charged with enforcing law, adjudicating crime, and correcting criminal conduct in the society. The criminal justice system is essentially an instrument of social control used by the government. Society considers some behaviors so dangerous and destructive that it either tries to strictly control their occurrence or outlaws them outright. It is therefore, the job of the agencies of justice to prevent these behaviors by apprehending and punishing transgressors or deterring their future occurrence. Two central philosophies anchor the commonly accepted idea of criminal justice. The first is a ardent requirement for increased conviction rates and the second is the perception that the people in prisons deserve punishment rather than rehabilitation. These philosophies have especially grave consequences for the underprivileged and marginalized. The criminal justice system is based on laws that are arbitrary and operate to the disadvantage of the poor and come across as law for the poor rather than law of the poor. It applies on the weaker sections of the community, regardless constitutional guarantees to the contrary. There are scarcely any public to advocate for new laws to help the deprived and there are virtually none to compel the government along with the legislature to amend the laws to protect the weak and the poor. Even after so many years of independence, no sincere efforts have been madeShow MoreRelatedThe Doctrinal Design Has Been Used To Study The Jurisprudential1425 Words   |  6 Pagesis the status of child witnesses in the Criminal Justice system? 1.6 Chapterization Scheme:It should in sentence format CHAPTER NAME CONTENTS 1. Introduction Witness assumes additional significance in adversarial system of criminal justice where the onus of proving the case lies on the prosecution and the witness of prosecution becomes important in the pursuit of exploring the truth. 2. Criminal Justice System in India Our adversarial criminal justice system aims at reducing the level of criminalityRead MoreThe Mechanisms Of The Criminal Justice System902 Words   |  4 Pagesof the criminal justice system in America function as more than the instruments for determining guilt in a criminal court case. Through the creation and enforcement of laws, it is a reflection of our society’s morals and values. It is our form of social control. As set out in our text, in 1964 two models emerged in an article written by Herbert Packer, â€Å"Two Models of the Criminal Process.† Professor Packer proposed that there are two fundamental criminal justice models: the crime control model andRead MoreThe Wedding Cake Model of the Criminal Jusice System1303 Words   |  6 Pagesopinions about the criminal justices system from the media. But how true are these images of justice? Developing the criminal justice system Introduction--London Metropolitan Police was the first police agency and was developed in 1829. The first police agencies in the United States were in Boston (1838), New York (1844); and Philadelphia (1854). Criminal justice system was first recognized in 1919, by the Chicago crime commission. The modern era of justice Modern era of justice can be traced toRead MoreHow Law Is A Socialist Ideology Crafted By Bourgeoisie As Means Of Social Control1707 Words   |  7 Pageslabour, and is under control of the wealthier unit. Karl Marx, who is portrayed as a revolutionary figure, proposes that the history of our existing society can be analyzed as a history of class struggles (Pavlich 92), and that discrepancy between classes is the cause of conflict. He argues that the ruling class promotes the dominant ideas. If ideas are shaped by the material world (Pavlich 90), and law is a system of rules that are legislated by a political body and govern social relations, then itRead MoreCrime Prevention Concepts and Theory, Such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Cpted) and Other Such Preventative Programs.1713 Words   |  7 Pagesviolation of the law by itself, or by instruments, mechanisms or persons. We can also define the action as characteristic unlawful and guilty. For the commission of the crime must exist: Will: The will, by the active subject of the offense. It is the intention itself. Activity: This is the do or act. It is the positive or human body movement designed to produce the act. Result: The result of the conduct, the goal desired by the agent and under criminal law. Causation: It is the ligament orRead MoreProtection of White Superiority in Americas Justice System Essays1672 Words   |  7 Pagesthe fairness of its criminal justice system, a system that promises to protect the lives, liberties, and property of all citizens. As the threat of being a victim of a crime applies to all citizens of the United States, most Americans would agree that wrongdoers must be punished in order to maintain a safe and civil society. However, as demonstrated in Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow and Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing, the United States’ criminal justice system is a modern form ofRead MoreComp uter Crime Essay846 Words   |  4 Pagestarget, the computer as an instrument of crime, the computer as incidental to a crime, and crimes associated with the prevalence of computers. In example of the computer as a target, is a case of Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick was once known as the worlds most wanted social engineering computer hacker. From the 1970s up to his arrest in 1995, Mitnick was able to elude them bypass corporate security safeguards. Mitnick was able to get into some of the well-guarded systems in the corporate world. SomeRead MoreGenetic Epidemiology of Antisocial Behavior Essay693 Words   |  3 Pagescauses anti-social behavior in individuals, and how can it be prevented are questions proposed in Ty A. Ridenour‘s Genetic Epidemiology of Antisocial Behavior. Ridenours contention is that biological factors and genes play a role in the development of anti-social criminal behavior in individuals. Familial aggregation which Ridenour explains is the tendency for criminal and antisocial behavior to run in families, is the focus of Ridenours debate that genetics and anti-social behavior areRead More Is The Criminal Justice System Racially Biased? Essay1743 Words   |  7 Pages Is the Criminal Justice System Racially Biased? Most criminologist use two sources of criminal justice data in the United States: the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS). The URC data is made from law enforcement agencies and include crime incidents reported to or obtained by the police. NCVS data is obtained from a very complex national survey of a sample of homes and provide information about crime incidents and victims for both reported and unreportedRead MoreEssay on Criminal Behavior579 Words   |  3 Pages Criminal law is essentially concerned with the regulation of behaviour. This may involve prohibitions on some kinds of behaviour such as stealing another person’s property or harming them deliberately. Some criminal laws may require a specific action, such as having insurance when driving a car, or complying with regulations. In some instances it is the combination of behaviour with a particular situation that defines a crime such as being drunk in a public place. In

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The Varying Notions of Authority and Challenging Authority

Leadership Notions The essays that comprise Traditional Classics on Leadership present varying notions of authority and of challenging authority. This is largely due to the fact that this manuscript is comprised of essays from 31 contributors, ranging from well-known political theorists to some of the more salient voices for individuality that the world has known. Still, there are some points of commonalities in these essays that present a synthesized viewpoint of the concept of challenging authority. First of all, challenging authority is a fairly natural process of life. Authors such as Machiavelli, Hobbes, and even Virginia Woolf attest to the fact that human kind is governed by an inherent sense of fierce individuality, which can come into conflict with external factors that are not in accord with it. This point is demonstrated very well in the writings of Hobbes, which were taken from his Leviathan. Hobbes believed that unless there are rules, or social contracts expressly laid out in some form o ther than just words, it essentially is acceptable for men to pursue whatever wish that they have, whether it conflicts with that of another or not. The author labeled this dearth of a social contract as a state of war in which there essentially is no right or wrong. However, Hobbes believed that the only way such a social contract can be suitably enforced is through the means of force. Such force of course, frequently takes the form of violence or some otherShow MoreRelatedIntimacy And Culture And Intimacy1539 Words   |  7 Pagesattitude toward authority. Kahn and Kram (1994) describe three positions people may hold regarding others’ leadership and their related attachment styles. Those whose attachment style is dependent/anxious resistant promote authority above all other aspects in a group, minimizing the value of even their own opinions. Their ability to act within the group is contingent on being directed by authority. A person must choose for himself to become intima te with his group, a decision that is challenging for someoneRead MoreStructure, Sign And Play On The Discourse Of Human Sciences1524 Words   |  7 Pagesfundamental presuppositions of neutral binaries, the virtuality of the center and who rejected subjective humanism of existentialists. Deconstruction is literary technique derived by Derrida to show that there are many unquestioned metaphysical notions that we use in structured language, and arbitrary hierarchy is maintained between various binaries. Speaking in terms of linguistics, relation between signified and signifier is anything but neutral, as it privileges one constituent of binary overRead MoreEssay on The Natural Ways of Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau1207 Words   |  5 Pagesplethora of concepts surrounding the idea. With the rise of capitalism, social structure is reformed; it is during this rise in the early seventeenth and eighteenth century, that John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau introduce their varying opinions surrounding man in nature. The western philosophers mainly concern themselves with the concept of the social contract. Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke begin with the conception of the individual, because in the natural state, they all believeRead MoreAccountable Health Care1596 Words   |  6 Pagesaccountability are actually successful, of course, it greatly helps to have an enforceable system of checks and balances from a variety of different levels. These levels can take place within an organization, which is implied with the hierarchy of authority from a subordinate employee to his or her supervisor who assists with administration figures in initiating reviews of standards in domain areas. Yet there are options for checks and balances at a systemic level that ensure that organizations areRead MoreCritical Analysis Of The Wife Of Bath1521 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Thou liknest eek wommenes love to helle, to bareyne lond, ther water may nat dwelle†¦Thou seyest, right as wormes shende a tree, right so a wyf destroyeth hire housbonde (371-377). In the Middle Ages, women were not given much slack or authority regarding their morality, spirituality, and economic and social positioning. Biblical symbols caused a misrepresentation of women and were h ighly regarded in the suppressing of the female voice and their value outside of being a wife and mother. â€Å"The WifeRead MoreEssay on Finding and Developing Talent at Deloitte - a Case Study1699 Words   |  7 Pagesevidence what they’ve learned through a ‘trial by fire’ experience in which they must learn a new field, earn certification in that field and then manage not only their position individually, but also on an academic team working with students in a challenging academic environment needing improvement in a short span on time. It is a highly-selective program that only accepts â€Å"the top 3 percent of their graduating classes, and they have degrees in finance, math, engineering and philosophy† (NelsonRead MoreMentorship : Training And Development Essay1970 Words   |  8 Pagesboth career oriented and psychosocial. Career oriented functions are done to â€Å"enhance career advancement† of the protà ©gà © (Greenhaus et al 2010). Career functions include sponsorship, increased exposure and visibility, coaching, protection, and challenging but doable assignments. Psychosocial functions are done to â€Å"enhance sense of competence and effectiveness† of the protà ©gà © (Greenhaus, 2010, p 212). These functions involve being a role model, providing acceptance and confirmation, being a counselorRead MoreSocial Worker s Role And Responsibility2217 Words   |  9 PagesHowever when working with families, the social worker must prioritise children and put their feelings and interes ts above caregivers. This instance demands practice that adopts good social work skills and values as in response parents may display challenging behaviour. Children’s rights are imperative, but social workers must consider parental rights too so they can develop a rapport and successfully engage with them. Yet, although social workers are guided by legislation which serves to enhance childrenRead MoreFeminist Methodologies Essay example2400 Words   |  10 PagesFeminist methodologies have opened society’s eyes to a new and innovative way of carrying out research, and have influenced other fields and the way research is formulated. It has also challenged societal norms by questioning patriarchy and traditional notions. Feminist methodologies are not a dominant research approach (Kirkman, 2011). A lack of orthodoxy means there is no single definition of feminism; therefore there is no one objective method in carrying out social research (Kirkman, 2011). ThisRead MoreThe Importance Of Collaborative Projects Benefit From Reflection1867 Words   |  8 Pagesreflection due the learning experiences it provides. Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an organised group in its effort toward goal setting and goal achievement (Huczynski and Buchanan,2013,803). The (MPS) is riddled with varying approaches to leadership; it can be suggested that the ability to switch between these approaches demonstrates sound leadership. Within our (MPS) once we were divided into groups, without nomination a leader arose; he immediately led the task by delegating

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The Love Motif in Chariton’s free essay sample

Ancient Greek novels share a multitude of thematic elements: god-like beauty, oracle predictions, erotic love, ruthless pirates, world travel and many others. They also feature related characters and settings. In the novels studied thus far in class, I find the most powerful motif is the love the two main characters share. This love tests and changes them throughout their journey both in relation to themselves, but also in the way the reader sees them. In most ancient novels, love plays major roles. Everything else that happens comes and goes, but the love between the main heroes endures and is there till the end, being it a happy or a sad one. In many cases, love described in ancient novels is not love in the sense of finding one’s soul mate, at least in the beginning. It is more a sexual lust triggered by the surreal beauty of the hero or the heroine. We will write a custom essay sample on The Love Motif in Chariton’s or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At first look, CC and ET can strike as exaggeratedly emotional, surreal, and the main protagonists obsessed with their beauty more than sentimental love. Their love is not like any other, it is not ordinary. From the moment they meet the attraction is so strong that they have no choice other than to pursue the other or die. This first impression can shift as soon as we take into consideration the beliefs of ancient Greeks regarding love and beauty. ET begins with a portrayal of the male hero, Habrocomes. He is handsome beyond words, even to the brink of narcissism: â€Å"everything that was regarded beautiful he despised as inferior(ET 1. 1). He did not even recognize Eros as a god and believed that he does not have any power over him or his destiny. At this stage, Habrocomes seems ignorant and superficial. His view of beauty was actually as a reflection of himself. He did not have to look outside to see beauty, he was part of it. He saw love only as an aptitude, on the same level with his other skills: â€Å"he acquired culture of all kinds and practiced a variety of arts: he trained in hunting, riding, and fighting under arms†. (ET 1. 1) Habrocomes’ transitional moment takes place at the festival where he saw Anthia for the first time and â€Å"was captivated at the sight† (ET 1. 3). This is when he had to recognize that love is beyond rationality and skill. He had now transitioned from the ignorant person he was to a person that would go to the end of the world for love. Both Xenophon and Chariton set the love of exterior beauty above love of the person, at least in the first parts of the novels. In CC, when Callirhoe finds out about Chaereas’ presumed death, she falls deeply ill and desperate. Her â€Å"master† Dionysius becomes increasingly worried at the thought that she might bring harm to herself but more so to her appearance. CC 4. 1) Callirhoe is a victim of her own beauty. Just as she was forced to accept her beauty as something greater than herself, Habrocomes was forced to recognize that he had no control over love. Once the lovers are together, the adventures and hardships to follow serve as trials and tests for them to prove their devotion. As in most ancient Greek novels, the hero is confronted by pirates, brigands, pirates, spiteful g ods and many other barriers meant to keep the lovers separated for long periods of time. In CC, Chaereas starts his journey after Theron kidnaps Callirhoe from her grave. (CC 1. 10). In ET, Habrocombes and Anthia begin their travels after being sold as slaves and separated, in Book 2 of the novel. Their strength throughout the books inspires those they come in contact and makes someone fall in love with them at every step. The motif of the travelling around the world, more or less, serves here as a test for their fidelity and strength. In CC the heroes end their journey by returning to Sicily on a ship full with treasures. CC 8. 6) In ET, Habrocomes and Anthia go back home to Ephesus where they† lived happily ever after; the rest of their life together was one long festival†. (ET, 5. 15) Common to both ET and CC is also the suicide motif present when the female characters find themselves â€Å"cornered†. In CC, Dionysius’ slave Plangon informs him that Callirhoe will take her life if he forces her to be a concubine. Similarly, in ET Anthis tries to kill herself in order to avoid marriage to Perilaus. I think suicide and presumed death work to enforce and add more realism to the main theme in ET and CC. Love has takes many forms and shapes in ancient Greek literature. In some novels it starts as something innocent and builds on gradual feelings to become stronger. In the case of ET and CC, the heroes fall in love with their physical appearance. This lust transforms into love over the course of their adventures. Both novels were really enjoyable. The lack of fantastic characters (with the exception of the gods) and the focus on real people made both books entertaining and heartfelt.

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vietnam war Essay Paper Example For Students

vietnam war Essay Paper Choices Tim OBrien was drafted to the Vietnam War. He didnt want to go to the war. So he went to the northern woods in the northern Minnesota. He had to make a choice whether to go to the war or not to go to the war. After spending six days with guy Elroy he decides to go. Tim OBrien went to the war for the wrong reasons. He didnt even think that there should be a war. He saw no reason at all why they should be fighting. He says I was drafted to a war I hated I was politically naive, but even so the American war in Vietnam seemed to me wrong. Certain blood shed for uncertain reason. He hated this war and had so many questions about it. he says It was my view then, and still is that you dont make a war without knowing why. he didnt believe in it and didnt know why we were fighting so why should he go to a war. He didnt want to go to war. He wasnt made for war. He even says , I was no solider. I hated dirt and tents and mosquitoes. The sight of blood made me queasy. Now come on he didn t even like anything to do with outdoors what good would he even do for our country. He minds well stay home and go to school. He was too young and had too much to lose. He even got a scholarship to a good school. I had the world dicked Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude and president of the student body and a full ride scholarship for grad studies at Harvard. It must have been a mistake cause I was too young. a month after graduating from Macalester college. I was drafted to fight a war I hated. I was twenty-one years old, young, yes. Way too young to go to war. He was too embarrassed not to go. He was afraid to be laughed out of town. and it was easy to imagine people sitting around a table down at the old Gobbler Cafe on Mainstreet, coffee cups poised, the conversation slowly zeroing in on the young OBrien kid, how the damned sissy had taken off for Cananda. Now think about those reasons arent very good for going to fight for our country. Here he says it again. I did not want people to think badly of me. Not my parents, not my brother and sister I was ashamed of my conscience ashamed to be doing the right thing . Even he knew what he was doing was wrong, cause of his reasons for going. Well he shouldve just protested the stupid war. If he didnt believe in it then he shouldnt have. Just because he didnt want to be laughed at. He didnt believe in it so why should he go. He would have been less of a coward if he wouldve ran to Canada. He shouldve want to the war for different reasons. We will write a custom essay on vietnam war Paper specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now